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Editors Note

2016 represents the 25th anniversary of HDG Magazine. The first issue was published in September 1991.

The magazine has gone through many changes in design and editorship, the constant being the celebration of good design and the imparting of knowledge.

The construction industry has also seen many changes during this period, perhaps one of the biggest being that driven by technology. This has not only changed the way we communicate, but at a more practical level, enabled efficiencies to take place. For instance, detail drawings are produced and delivered to site electronically rather than having to be printed.

There has also been huge changes brought by new forms of building contracts such as design and build and the different streams used for the financing of projects.

However, it is heartening to know that there are still many professionals involved within the creation of our built environment that not only care about how and what they create but go the extra mile.

In a recent conversation with Hugh Strange, from Hugh Strange Architects, he explains the reasoning behind some of the prac­tices’ design decisions, especially the use of unfinished materials. The natural aging and weathering of these materials he believes, provides a softer and gentler aesthetic.

To coincide with the anniversary of HDG Magazine we highlight our continuing support of RIBA CPD Providers Network. Having been one of the founder organisations of the network we continue to endorse the importance of CPD.

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